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One of our antique booths in Virginia.

I just fell in love with the way these upcycled food cans turned out. After you learn this easy technique you will be rusting all kinds of treasures.

After studying several techniques online I found this one to be my favorite.


clean upcycled can
old newspaper to cover the table
mouthwash cups or small recycled cups of choice 
black acrylic paint
brown acrylic paint
old newspapers or papers of choice
modge podge 

I worked from my kitchen table, this crafting technique smells amazing. 
Perfect for a rainy day. 

I poured my paint into mouthwash cups, one with brown and one with black.

First: Starting with the black paint, simply paint your can all over the outside surface. Don't let it dry, go directly to the next step.

Next: This is the fun part, using your brown paint simply blob is all over the surface of the wet black paint, Creating as much texture as possible.

Then: you are going to heavily sprinkle wet paint with cinnamon, tapping on the table to knock off any extra (I keep that for the next can) and let air dry.

Once the can is fully dry cut your clipping or paper to fit the can. I used old grocery ads from the 60's for my project. You will cover the back of the clipping in modge podge then apply the clipping to your can. You will finish the process by modge podging the surface of the clipping. Let air dry.

I swirled the inside of my cans with a paintbrush loaded with brown paint. Just for aesthetics.


Congratulations you have just created your first rusty grungy can!

You can add jute twine to the top of the can if you wish. I distress one of mine with a coffee grunge mixture. (tutorial for that process is coming the blog soon) 

Please share your tips and ideas below, I would love to hear from you!

Happy crafting!