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Geraniums and Puzzles

Today was just a normal day, dentist visits with the kids, errands around town and my dad came over and spent some time with us this afternoon. But along the way I noticed somethings that caught my attention. 

At the dentist office the Lord allowed me to walk upon these geraniums on the front porch of our dentist office. Of course I took a photo. Then something touched my heart.

I was visiting a city nearby. A city filled with hate, crime and sin. Although this may be true I also noticed this plant producing such beauty. Just like Christians in a world of turmoil our job is to produce His beautiful light and not focus on the darkness around us. If you look for true will be there. .

We love putting puzzles together at our house. When my dad comes to visit (which is often) I toss one on the table and we talk and work the puzzle like it is a right of passage between a daughter and her dad. As it should be....

A missing piece of puzzle, that is what my life was without knowing the Lord. Incomplete with a missing piece that I could not find, a void that was constantly a daily reminder of the uncompleted part of me, of my soul. Nothing would fill that space. Family, college education, career, an amazing husband, the baby prayed for for over 10 years. It was there ever second of ever day...until one day I found that missing puzzle piece. Now I am complete and made whole. One perfectpeace filled soul that is satisfied.

         John 3:16