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The Diagonal Hot Pad Crochet Pattern FREE

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This one is a keeper, wedding gift, housewarming, girlfriends birthday, holidays even the guy on your list who love to grill! This pattern is easy to create and uses only a couple of techniques!

H hook
cotton yarn
yarn needle

You will start out by chaining 42. You will want to leave about a 6 inch tail so you can work this into your finished project later.

You will proceed around as if you were working in the round. Your work should look something like this.

Do not add chains when you come around the corner of your hot pad. Just keep going along with your single crochets. You will notice that your work is starting to look like a little canoe.

Your hot pad will start to flatten out as you go along. It will get larger more like a little boat instead of a canoe. ♥

A double layer of tight stitches creates a protection for all your kitchen surfaces.


It will continue to get flatter until both sides meet together in the middle and it will create a square.

Now you want to leave a long tail, as long as your work across and then add a few extra inches to work in later. You will use your yarn needle for this step.


You will work in your tail on the other side. 

All is left to do is decide who you are going to create these for! 

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