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How to make a felt board

Don't feel like paying lots of money for a really good felt/flannel board? Well we did not either. When my kids were younger I created this simple design for a very nice and functional felt board. Once I knew my mom was interested in one for her nursery class I told her that my daughter and me would create her one. 

We started by buying a board at our local craft store. This is one of those thick boards you can find on the back wall of any Hobby Lobby.

We then took our board to the fabric section and picked out a large bolt of baby blue felt and some dark green. We will be creating a sky and some mountains or land.

I handed the lady at the store my board and she cut a couple of pieces of felt a little larger than the size of the board.

You will need some scissors and some glue. I prefer the glue in the photo.
It is a tacky glue and is clear when dry. It works great with felt. 

Cut a piece of the sky blue big enough to cover the board and hang over the edge a little bit. You will trim the extra once it is glued down.
I simply covered the board with glue in swirls. We added the felt and my daughter smoothed it out to the edges. 

You don't want any bubbles and you want your felt to be flat.
You will run a line of glue around the edge to ensure the whole piece is secure to the board. 

We then put the green felt on top of the blue. We cut a shape out to look like hills.

We covered the back of the green felt with glue and flipped it over and smoothed out the felt. Don't worry about it hanging over. You will trim any excess felt with scissors.

Once both pieces of felt are secure. You will want to go along the edges and run a line of glue to any felt that is sticking up and not glued.

Let all this dry, then you can trim the extra felt that may be hanging over the edge of your board. Viola! You just created your felt board!

We can just see Moses going up that mountain now! Or maybe David tending his sheep in the meadow. This felt board works well with all kinds of felt creations, We hope you enjoy!