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How to crochet a mini wreath:

You know Hobby Lobby has everything you can imagine for home decor. From pillows, ornaments, fabric and crochet goodies. But this week there was one thing that they did not have. A tiny wreath for my daughter's doll house. We hunted the store over and not a wreath in site! 

So I starting thinking as we were walking along, "what would my mama do?"
She would design and create her own! Of course this was the solution!
So we came home and brainstormed what we wanted in the finished project.

It had to be rustic, farmhouse style. It needed to be a fall theme to go along with her mini pumpkins she purchased for the dollhouse decor. (wonder where she gets that from?) It had to have a large bow! So we went with jute twin and buttons and satin ribbon. Yes!

What you will need for this project:

You will need some jute twine, buttons, needle thread and a large hair bow band.
Size J crochet hook and a yarn needle. Scissors to cut the twine and thread.

 What you will do for this project:

I slip stitched the twine onto the hair bow band and single crocheted all the way around to cover the black band. sl st into the top of the first sc and finish off and weave through. No need to count stitches, just make sure the band covered with twine.
I added the buttons to the wreath using needle and thread. An orange satin bow was added to the bottom of the wreath to make it "POP"!

Little pears, corn, leaves, sunflowers and plaid pumpkin buttons make this wreath the perfect addition to any dollhouse decor.

You can make this wreath for a Barbie house, tiny dollhouse, or to decorate anything that needs a little fall touch. Play around with the button themes, use party themes, holiday, you could use fashion buttons or little animals to adorn your wreath.

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These two post are perfect additions to add to your pattern stash! Oh! did I mention they are all FREE!