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DIY Buffalo Plaid Mason Jar Ring Christmas Ornaments 123imaginationalive

Buffalo Plaid and Vintage Red Car

These are so cute! I wanted to create something this year with the popular black and white plaid (buffalo plaid) design for my Christmas tree and here it is! I also decided to grab some vintage red station wagon paper with the Christmas tree on top too!

Let's make something homespun!

Yes, you read that right! I said paper! This scrapbook paper was on sale at Hobby Lobby, 4 for a $1.00! So I will be making some for my tree and for gifts!

For this project you will need the following:
glue gun with sticks
jute twine
mason jar rings and lids
scrapbook paper (any kind works well)

What to do:

If you are going to hang your ornaments you will want to create a hang loop now. Simply run both ends of a piece of 10 inch twine through the ring. Pull through the looped end and tie both strands in a knot. Cut to desired length.

Don't forget the twine hanger loop.

Next you will start by tracing an outline of the lid. 


Cut along the line you traced.

Cutting the pattern.

You will run a bead of hot glue on the inside back of the ring, this will hold your paper down. Then apply glue all over the lid and push into the ring until set.

Glue those layers..

You will then add a tiny jute twine spray. Simply create a figure 8 with the twine until you have your desired size. I do mine about 3 times. I then cut a 6 inch strand of jute twine and tie it twice around the spray. You can snip a couple of the loops to add an extra homespun look.

Homespun Holiday Decor

Add buttons to the top of the jute twine with glue.

Merry Christmas!

You can create all kings of designs! Change up paper for different themes. 
You could use chalk board paper and add your own message.

Vintage Charm

These are great to add to a basket of goodies! 

Little black button sets the theme!

You could make a set of six and give as a gift set!

Make great gift!

Your tree will look adorable covered in these homespun creations!


Thanks for stopping by!

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