Sunflower Coaster Crochet Pattern


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Harvest is the perfect time for Sunflowers! We use their seeds all winter to feed the little birds, they always make us feel cheerful.

Buttery fluffiness.

I love pretty coasters! I love flowers too! Sunflowers are the perfect 
addition to fall decor! I created this pattern to add a touch of cheer to your already 
warm and cozy home.

Make your mugs look charming!

A buttery golden border surround a brown center to keep your furniture safe from sweat and rings that can be left from those beautiful mugs.

Makes great gifts!

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Blurred version of original pattern.

This is a blurred of the original pattern. You will find the instruction easy and that you will be create a set of these sunflower coaster for you and giving them as gifts to friends!

measures 5.5 inches across

They measure 5.5 inches across and a great used as doilies to add a touch 
of happiness to any decor in your home.

adds charm and character to fall decor

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