How to run a successful Poshmark closet

I have a big confession to make! This post is well overdue!
I mean everyone is talking about Poshmark. From the new addition in their wardrobe to the beautiful boutique items that you love to scroll and look at!
So if you are new to Poshmark the first thing that you need to do it create your account @ After you have done that you can use the following to help you achieve your poshing goals! In this post I will reveal all my tips, lessons learned and secrets that will help you sell and grow your closet. What is a Poshmark closet?
A closet is the page that other Poshers see when they are looking at your items for sale. So it needs to be POSH! Glam it up, make it beautiful, make if your own and put your best style forward. This will be the first impression that your potential customers will see. You get one shot at impressing them and it counts BIG!

*The first thing is your inventory. I mean what do you plan on selling? Did you know that Poshmark is a great place to sell all of that closet clutter. So I would suggest that you get a basket and collect things that you would like to sell. Dig through all the closets and see what is just sitting there not getting worn or maybe not needed anymore. Vintage jackets, guitar straps, sunglasses and even grandpas vintage hat will do. You can shop thrift stores and yard sales too. Lots of stores have sales during the week that are well worth the time!
Read here for information about the rules of selling on Poshmark.

* The next thing you need to do is check them for spots, stains, tears, rips. Make sure all zippers work, pockets are clean of lint, and please don't sell items that are just plain dirty. My rule of thumb is "if I would not buy it in that condition why would I expect anyone else to." That is called "common decency". If something needs to be washed and steamed, then do it.

Make your photos "POP"

*Photos will make or break your closet. You don't want to list dark, ugly, or unflattering photos of your items. Use you camera, phone and computer to edit photos to make them look amazing! If your photos don't catch your eye they won't catch anyone else's either. 
BE BRAVE! Add photo props like shoes and seasoned themed items, make sure to take your photos in indirect lighting for a more crisp image.

Show the item in use.
*Once your closet is ready for listings you can upload your first set of photos and start your listing. You want to make sure to add any major details like size, color, measurements....etc. Set your price a little higher than you would want to sell it for, why? Because this will allow you to bargain with customers and send offers to them and make more sales in the long run.
*You want to share other listings, that is the way the Poshmark works. You share theirs and they shares yours. You also want to follow folks. Through your app you can click Find People and follow all kinds of folks. Sometimes I type in names like Amy, Cindy or Sharon and just follow several of them. Once you get followers you can click on followers on your closet page and catch up on following that way. After a while you will have followers and grow from there.

Closet Signs Add Life To Your Closet

* With a simple photo program you can create little signs that can be upload at a item for sale. (just list it at 0.00) and it will show as not for sale in your closet. These are great for creating different categories in your closet; example, shoes, women, kids, boutique. You will have a sign that is for you, upload a fun picture to it so followers can know a little about your style.
* You will be invited to parties! Join them and list all of your qualifying items during them. When you get new notifications from other Posher be sure to share their items to your followers, social media and parties too! You will never grow a successful closet without being social with other poshers.

Make Friends!

Show customers what they can expect!
* Once you have SOLD your first item you will want to make contact with your customer. Go under the listing (that they purchased) and click the speech bubble and Congratulate them on their purchase! Let them know you are working on their purchase and it will be shipped soon. "Successful Poshers Ship Fast!" 
The prepaid postage label will be emailed to you, print and trim to place on your postal box. You can go to to see all the boxes and  packaging that they accept.

Video Tutorial

* OK so you sold your listing. Now what? You need a plan. Here is what I do and my customers love it. I slip my items in a zipper bag to keep it waterproof. Then I wrap it in tissue paper and bows. I add hang tags and thank you notes. I also include a free gift. Just a little something to keep them coming back to my closet! You can watch the two video here 

I make my own hang tags and create my own handmade "gifts" You don't have to go that far but a little something extra is nice. Pens, note pads, lotions, tiny samples.
I crochet pretty beverage coasters and add seasoned themed
hang-tags to each one with info on my blog and venues. If you have another talent think of incorporating it in your closet. Crochet, painting, knitting, creating jewelry or maybe just drawing a pretty sketch on a Thank You Card. 

*You will go to the sales page and click 
your sold listing and mark them package and sold. Sometimes I go to the listing and send another message to let them know that they have shipped. The great thing about Poshmark is that they release your earnings within a few days even if the customers don't leave feedback. You can choose to use your funds to shop Poshmark or have a them sent to you. 

  Remember to have fun! List nice clean items. Take great photos. Make signs for your closet, create boutique items if you wish! Communicate with others and your customers. Share listings, yours and others. Wrap your sales like a pro! Change up photos and layout every now and then. I would love to know what your tips and ideas are! How do you manage your closet? What gets your listings sold?

Thanks for visiting my blog!
You can browse my closet here @ 123dresssmart

This is just some tips that have helped me along the way. I hope they will help you too.

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