Organizing the POSH way! French Country Wristlets SET OF TWO

I love to be organized~ I love all the things in my home to have a space that is considered their HOME (where they live). From the laundry basket to the smallest thumb tack every item needs to find a home. The rules don't change with my purse. I like things secure in their space not just swimming in a sea of ciaos at the bottom of my tote!

How do you organize a purse you ask? I start by separating items into (homes) one bag might have my makeup, lipstick and feminine items and one little bag might contain Band-aids, fingernail clippers, and eye drops. I even have a bag for loose money and change.
I think that organizing can be beautiful too! So I created a French Country Wrislets, they can be purchased in my Boutique.

And guess what? I offer TWO in this sale! You can use both to organize your purse/tote or keep one for yourself and share one with a friend. They make perfect gifts for teachers, moms, girlfriends, college students, sisters, aunts, grandmothers...etc.

Since this is a POSHMARK purchase, it will arrive all wrapped up BOUTIQUE STYLE! All you have to do it sign the card! The handcrafted honey bee hang tag is included!

They have been created with a durable WAVERLY FRENCH COUNTRY fabric. The french country side is displayed on rustic red fabric. There is a mix of sheep, goats, maidens, geese, floral motif and such. The wrist strap measures 5.5 inches long, I designed it in the coordination fabric. I added a white with gray striped ribbon tag at the lower corner.

I encourage you to come shop my closet! 

Since this is all about organizing I decided to design the two wrislets a little different. So when you reach in your purse/tote you will know which one has what item. So I designed one with a light tan zipper and one with a mint green zipper. Now all you have to do it reach for the color zipper you need!

They are fully lined in a sweet spring green with white polka-dots! These wristlets have been created with top quality fabrics and notions. You will be pleased with them!
These make great gifts for the hard to buy for person on your list!
You can tuck in a gift card and make it a special treat!

The wrislets pouch measure are as follows:
5.5 inches deep
7 inches wide 

This item can be purchased in my CLOSET.

Thanks for stopping by!
Designer: Melinda Smith

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