Little House On The Prairie Books Will Not Be Banned In This Library!

I was as shocked as most when I saw the headlines that said that Laura Ingalls Wilder named would be stripped from her children's book award... because of her depictions of Native Americans. 


We love our little house books, my three kids have learn many a life lesson from reading the books and watching the television series. It is clear that Mary does not like the Indians and Ma does not either. But on the other hand Laura thinks that they are interesting and they make her want to know more about them and their lifestyle and ways.
There are many things in the Little House Books to be questioned, but is it enough to discard them? I think not.

What did my kids learn while reading the books? They realized that people have learned from history and have grown. And guess what? Some did not grow and learn anything! 

I do not have an issue of telling my kids that "Ma" was wrong to dislike the Indians like she did. It is OK to tell your own kids that you are wrong. None of us "Have Arrived" We are all on this life journey together to grow and learn from our mistakes. Banning Little House On The Prairie Books are not going to teach our kids to love people the way that the Lord loves us. We can't hide our past. It is a part of us and it is an important part of who we are and shows us how much we have grown.
As home schooling moms we should learn together from the mistakes of our country's past; not throw the mistakes in the trash and pretend "our country" is perfect and without blemish.

As Christians we would never know the blessings of the New Testament without knowing the hardships of the Old Testament. But we should never throw our past away. That is our Ebeneezer (to always remind of where God has brought us from)

What if the Bible never had the testimonies/lessons of:
Adam & Eve
Cain & Abel
Just to name a few.
There are so many stories in the Bible that teach us through wrong doing  of others  how the Lord wants us to be in our Christian walk with Him. From outright disobedience, doubt and even murder! It does not mean that he approves of the actions of the character, He is trying to show us how that person grew and overcame themselves to be who He would have them become. 
The Little House on the Prairie Books do just that! They teach our children the hardships, the unknown of our young country, and yes the racist actions of our ancestors. Laura Ingalls Wilder was not trying to teach our kids to be mean, racist or hateful; she was just writing her thoughts from the window of her life. She was expressing herself in books and I think that was a scary thing for her to do. I would not EVER want my children to not want to write because they would be afraid someone later in history would want to discard their thoughts on paper. God forbid. 

When we decided to "silence" the author we chose to close off the imagination and we chose to limit our future authors of writing of their true experience. It is then that we control the pen of the writer.

We would be sitting in an empty room if all books containing questionable content were removed, even the Bible... something to ponder.

If you have read all the Little House on The Prairie books and the only things you came away learning were the way Native Americans and African Americans were portrayed then you clearly missed the point of Laura Ingalls Wilder writings. If it offended me that way I would have stopped at the first book. 

And anybody who knows me knows I am not racist and do not teach my kids to be. We love All of God's creations, they are beautiful!

I encourage you to take time to teach your children by example, and to teach them to be Christlike and love all people. Learn along with them and correct books when they are wrong, it is OK to add to books and explain that this is why people reacted like they did to situations. Sometimes it needs to be said that it was from being ignorant about issues at the time. We are all on this journey together, what will they say about us in 100 years? Oh my!

So with the decision of not banning Laura Ingalls Wilders books let me give a link to where you can purchase your own set!

Photo and Book Credit:
The photos and books are from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Collection of Books. 

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