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So your closet is all set up and you are ready to sell your beautiful items to your POSHMARK followers, now what?

POSHMARK really likes for you to make a BIG deal about wrapping items in a way that says ENJOY YOUR PURCHASE!

You see your goal on POSHMARK is not to just sell an item, it is to sell an item and give the customer an experience that will have them wanted to treat themselves over and over to your closet treasures!

So her is an example on how to sell and wrap an item once it is sold.

First thing to remember, your goal it to IMPRESS your customer.
Brown paper and jute twin is fine for some items, but if you are selling garments or accessories then step it up a notch and make it PRETTY.

I like to start with bright colors, I chose purple tissue paper for the item shown in this post. You don't have to go buy the most expensive paper at your local craft store. I purchased mine from Dollar General.
I wrapped the item in the tissue paper and taped it in the back.

I had some purple ribbon on hand, always use what you have! Ever penny you save on your listed item is more $ in your pocket!
I tied a pretty purple ribbon around it and tied a whimsical bow in the front.

I also had some little cards too. They were some I purchased a while back at a thrift store. I signed the card with purple marker.
I created a hang tag by stamping it with a beautiful honey bee, and I also stamped the card with a butterfly just to add a touch of class to the whole presentation.

It was not expensive and my customer will feel special when she gets it.

NOTE: If she decides to gift her purchase to a friend it is already gift wrapped.
I inserted the purple present into a gallon waterproof zipper bag to protect it from moisture and from the packing (shredded paper pieces).

I also used recycled shredded (home-school worksheets) to pad my box. I inserted a little card that says "recycled shredded paper" so they will know I care about my planet!

Taking the extra step to gift wrap your items will go a long way in growing your Poshmark closet, it will impress your customers and they will tell other people. Folks talk about what they love! 

Visit my Poshmark closet @ 123dresssmart and if you make a purchase you can rest assured it will be all wrapped up!

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