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In God We Trust

The time in America has come that we must take a stand. It is time to claim what you believe or not. What you really trust in everyday to see you through. We must teach our children as Christian parents that WHO WE BELIEVE IN IS SO VERY IMPORTANT. The world is teaching them to trust in money, popularity, and material items. They are taught that if they claim a college education that everything will fall into place. I am here to say, I have the (college education) and it did not help me one bit when I was faced with tragedy, loss, financial hardship, the struggles of this life, etc.. It did not show me how to love my husband, create a loving home for our family, or how to be content with what I have.

The Lord must take the credit for everything in our lives, we must be ready to give it to him. The picture to the right is a view from our back yard. Our children sometimes ask how many spiders do you think are in all those trees? I don't know how to answer them because there would be know way of truly knowing. But my God knows. He knows how many leaves are on each tree and when to change the seasons. He knows just when to turn the leaves to red, yellow and gold.

1920's Farmhouse in Virginia

Our house was built in 1920. I was not even alive at that time. But I truly believe that the day our home was built that the God in Heaven knew our family would be moving in one day. I believe he protected it with the large oak trees that surround it. And his mighty hand protecting it through the years.
 He knew it would become a home of peace and love. A home of laughter and learning. A place to raise our children and teach them of all the wonderful things about Him!
You see God loves to be welcome in our homes. Is he welcome in yours?

How can I become closer to Him? You ask.

Start by making him important. Everyday take time to make Him #1. Your children will start seeing Mom spending more time in the things of the Lord and they will want to follower her example.

Start trusting Him for everything! 

Trust in him. You are not where you are by accident. If you are saved you belong to a KING! 
Mom I encourage you to take a stand. Raise your children for the Glory of God. Do not be ashamed to stand up for things that are wholesome, Godly and Holy. The Lord is pleased with those who trust in Him for everything, they are blessed because of Him.

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