How to get your planner - journal organized! And keep it that way!

I love my day planner! But I got tired of having to find somewhere to put my pen or the little things that I use with it. So this little idea was born.

I have seen some planner accessories that are just to unpractical. I wanted something simple yet pretty that would get the job done!

This large pocket with hold all kinds of things. Pens, phones, bookmarks..etc.

I made it roomy for my phone!

I included a hand-stamped bee tag for gift giving too!

The large zipper pocket hold so many useful things.

I made them in different color patterns. 

They look so pretty sitting on a desk or nightstand.

No digging your phone out of your purse.

They are fully lined too.

Crafters rejoice! They are perfect for crocheters, art supplies and all kinds of hobbies. 

With each purchase you get a zipper pouch, bee hang tag and homemade tag signed by me!  

Both of the zipper pouches can be purchased at my Etsy shop HERE

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