How to recycle Christmas and Greeting Cards!

The Holidays are over and that means it is time to start putting things away, in our house that means to " FIND THEM A HOME"! I must admit I love getting greeting cards throughout the year, but after you read the card them what? Put it into a drawer, pack in a closet, only to have to move later on; I hope not, and to be honest I really feel guilty about tossing the out. With that said, I think I have found a way to love and recycle that will inspire you to get on board and start saving those cards instead of tossing them into the garbage. Come join me as we GET CRAFTY!

You can see the full video on my YOU TUBE channel.

So, get your kids onboard and grab your supplies and lets get to creating some beautiful hang tags to use on those gifts throughout the year. This is a great craft time idea for rainy days, or to do with a friends. It is a wonderful way to use up those extra buttons, cards and craft supplies!

Some for Valentines, Mother's Day and let's not forget Dad!
You can visit my page HERE and download or print the FREE pattern to create this adorable pink crochet heart. Just work in your yarn tales.


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