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Christian Themed Christmas Gift Idea -- Jesus Focused

It is that time of the year again, time to come up with some quick gift ideas for the folks for your family and friends. You are going to love this quick and simple gift idea...
Come along as I show you how to get started making your basket full!

Who would love one of these?
Gift for families
Secret Pal
Coworker gift
Mail Lady
Pet Groomer
 & MORE!

Fill a basket full of these and set it at the front door. When you are heading out to your Holiday gathering toss a couple in your purse and you will have that last minute gift covered. They make great take home gift for folks after hosting your own event.

I wanted to create a practical gift that would be great for anyone, that was not something that would end up being re-gifted later. I wanted a gift that had a HOMESPUN style and most of all it had to tell of  the TRUE meaning of Christmas TOO!


You see I am always getting extra points to use in the major department stores. Sometimes it is 5 bucks and sometimes it is less. So I got to thinking...... What if I saved those points up and purchased some adorable hand soaps! Who does not like hand soap? They have some really cute designs on the front. From snowmen, gingerbread men, and Christmas berries. So I decided to create a gift that would cover women, men, families, the mail man, the dog groomer and that hard to buy for person on my list. Everyone has to wash there hands. These gifts would be great to display in the bath or kitchen. Plus when it is empty they can just toss it out. No having to find a home for something that they really did not need. Now that is my kind of gift!

Then I got to thinking....hmmmm. What if we added candy too? Something delicious, inexpensive, but speaks Christmas loud and clear! Better yet what if we turned the candy cane upside down and let is represent the letter J for "Jesus"? Yes! That would be perfect! Nothing is better than a gift with a message; and what better message at Christmas than that of JESUS! I remember how much fun we had last year creating POLYMER CLAY ORNAMENTS with JESUS, JOY and NOEL stamped them. I love a gift with a message!

These gift had to look beautiful and to "speak" love when received from the folks on our gift list. They were not going to be wrapped so they would look nice and pretty when handed out. Now how to attach the candy cane to the bottle. Should I use Ribbon or Tape? No, then it hit me, JUTE TWINE! Our local dollar store has it for about a $1.00 a roll in the hardware/ household section. So I bought a couple of rolls. This idea was starting to come together very nicely.
 I love anything that has the HOMESPUN look! Something that looks like it came straight from a OLD GENERAL STORE or had COUNTY CHARACTER. So while I was in the dollar store I found these cute little hang tags, they were a 1.00 for about 18 large tags. I was planning on creating about 24 gifts. I also purchase my candy canes at the dollar store too.

Jute Twine
Hang Tags
Hand Soap
Candy Canes (your choice of flavor)

The first step is to secure your candy cane to the bottle. This is a little tricky because the candy cane like to slide down the hand soap bottle. So start by cutting long strand of jute twine and creating a knot in the middle of the twine. Then slip it over the candy cane and place the candy cane upside down onto the front side of the bottle. then wrap the twine around the back of the bottle and bringing the twine to the front and crisscross it behind the candy cane. This step will secure your candy cane and prevent it from slipping. Then tie the jute twine into a large bow. I left mine long and frilly. You will tie the hang tag to the neck of the bottle. My hang tags are large so I slipped them over to one side of the bottle so both the hang tag and candy cane can be seen.



I am not going to wrap these gifts, I will simply pass them out to family and friends that visit our home during the holiday season. I will fill baskets with them and take them to family gatherings and events and just pass them out to folks when it is time to open gifts. No wrapping required!

So next time you are out running your Christmas errands, stop by your dollar store and grab your supplies for this gift idea and create a basket full for your friends and family.

This gift is simple, practical, has a message and is really fun to craft. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. It is a great craft for kids to get involved in. HINT Change the theme and you have a birthday gift, new mother, housewarming....etc.
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