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How To Crochet A Snowflake: Free Pattern and Video Tutorial!

Guess what? It's SNOWING at the BLOG! 
Come along as we learn to crochet SNOWFLAKES!

Lesson 12: TEACHING KIDS TO CROCHET in the YOU TUBE series is HERE!

Don't let this BEAUTIFUL creation get you nervous at ALL! You are going to create SNOWFLAKES and I will be here to guide you every step of the way! If you get stumped at all email me at
So grab your yarn and let's start creating SNOWFLAKES!

You can read the pattern straight from this page or you can download or print a copy for your pattern stash at the bottom of this page.

 Crocheted Snowflakes are so versatile.

 I decorate my Christmas tree with them.
Hang them on sparkling cider bottle and give as gifts.
Make several and string them for garland.
I tie them to lotion and soap bottles for a quick gift.
Attach a poem or scripture and pass out to large groups.
Use them in home decor.

I attached a snowflake to a bottle of snowman themed hand soap.

Decorate your Christmas Tree with Snowflakes.

I like to make mine in different colors, it makes them appear more OLD WORLD STYLE.
White is the classic. You can play around with color choices of your own.

I prefer white cotton yarn, but acrylic works just fine too.

If you are not a crochet pattern reader. That is OK I have that covered as well.
You can find this crochet tutorial on my YOU TUBE channel and watch a step by step video of this SNOWFLAKE PATTERN VIDEO

I encourage you to grab a hook and some yarn and crochet a basket full of these fun SNOWFLAKES! You can locate tons of free patterns here at my blog under crochet.
Follow my blog and never miss a FREEBIE!

You will be able to choose between black and white or color copy.

You can find all of my YOU TUBE VIDEO TUTORIALS HERE!