Easy Triple Crochet Flower Pattern

I am so tickled to share this simple pattern with you guys! I have so many patterns that are dancing through my imagination that I can't wait to see them come to life!

You can print a copy of this pattern at the bottom of this page!

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This pattern is so EASY!

It was created while I was working on a LARGE Christmas order for a dear friend of mine.

I needed a quick little "QUIRKY" flower to add to some fashion items that she requested.

These flowers are great for crochet items that you do not want to adorn with thick flowers and would like something more smooth and streamline.

They work up easily by using a acrylic yarn.

You can adorn them with coordinating buttons or charms.
 They have 5 petals.

They look great on hats, gloves, scarfs or add  hair clips and make a set for pigtails!

You can make different sizes by changing your crochet hook size!

You can print your copy HERE!

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