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We are in the middle of fall and nothing is better than all the activities that come with this time of year. From apple picking, baking pies and hayrides. The time spent with family and friends seems to be the favorite with most of us. I have decided to make this time of year a little easier for all of us. Download and print your copy of this FUN FILLED NOVEMBER calendar today!

You can download and print your calendar at the bottom of this page!

Don't forget to share with family and friends and even grandma!

Stick a copy to your fridge. Save a copy to your desktop computer!

You might not get to achieve all of the goodies on this calendar but just a few of them will make your kiddos happier!

On day 22 you will see PLAY GAMES!
You can download and print these games from my blog for FREE!

So will it be a HAYRIDE, A PUMPKIN PIE, maybe a FALL MOVIE NIGHT under the STARS?

You have the tools and info now to plan a wonderful, fun filled NOVEMBER!

Make these apple treats!  Get the Instructions HERE!

Take an afternoon and make up a batch of applesauce!

Day 27 encourages making a soup together!

Hope you Enjoy!


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