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Our youngest two children have been studying birds and flying creatures in our science lessons this year. 

In their science experiment this week they needed to do a nature study on the habits of birds. They were suppose to make two feeders with different kinds of seeds. This will allow them to evaluate how birds eat, when they eat, which food to they like the best, which feeder gets more "bird traffic", and so forth.

They are going to hang the feeders near each other and observe the results!

So keeping our home school budget in mind they decided to save orange juice containers and use supplies that they already had. It is always good to recycle OLD things into NEW things!

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2 OJ containers (the clear kind with the lids)
4 BBQ skewers
knife (adult should do this part)
birdseed (two different kinds)

I helped the kids with the cutting parts by using the knife in my Leatherman. 

They chose these two different kinds of bird food, one is BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER and the other is GREY - STRIPED SUNFLOWER seeds.
I am sure that using any two different kinds of varieties will work just fine. I took them to our local farm supply store and let them pick out the kind of seeds they wanted to use for this project.

I (the adult) cut one hole in each side of one of the OJ containers. They will be about 4-5 inches from the bottom. I cut one hole, then the kids held up the skewer to it mark it with a marker and held it up to the other side to create the second hole. This allowed the holes to be more even.
Once they did this they then filled the containers with seed. They used large funnels to help make this a little less messy. 

They used tape to cover the holes so the birdseed would not fall out onto the kitchen table.

You could use other kinds of tape, as long as it secures your seed.

The kids will need a little help, but that is OK. Teamwork is the key to a great Science project!

Our daughter decided to tape her container before adding the seed. Encourage your kids to try different ways to accomplish the same outcome. This will teach them to think outside the box and become more independent in their learning skills.

They filled their OJ containers almost to the top.
Leaving about a 2-3 inch head space.

 By using my knife I made a hole a few inches below the cap of the container. I did this step on both sides.

They cut a long piece of string and then ran it through the container and tie it into a knot. They tied the know twice to make it more secure. This string will allow your bird feeder to hang from a branch or a Sheppard's hook...etc.

They cut their skewers to make them about 8 inches long. 
Then I made a small slit about 2 inches below the first hole I cut and slipped the skewers through the container and the seed. This created two perches for their birds to sit on while they eat. They did not have to be lined up perfect.

Before they hung their bird feeders they added a little more seed to the top and secure the lid tightly.

 They grabbed their string and scissors and headed outside and hung their bird feeders.


 You will want to hang them in a location in your yard that can be seen from a window. They decided to hang theirs on the clothesline. We don't use it during the cooler months anyway. So they hung one on each end. They ran another longer piece of string through the metal rings that were attached to the clothesline and tied another knot.

Don't hang your feeders to low to the ground, they bird like to feel safe when they eat.

The final step was to remove the tape on each side that covers the food holes.
Now they are ready to keep watch on their feeders and observe birds in their habitats and learn new and exciting things you never noticed before.


They were not even finished hanging their feeders and they already attracted a critter.

Seems like PINKI is going to do a little experiment of his own.

They are keeping an eye on their feeders and will update this post when we see BIRDS!

I encourage you and your kiddos to create a bird feeder and spend some quality time learning something new! These are the afternoons that they will remember the most!



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