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How To Crochet A Sunflower


I must admit to my followers that I love flowers!

I think that they are God's way of adding a touch of color to our surrounds and habitats and they also help to cheer us up and make us HAPPY!

Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite crochet patterns that I created and I love!

The beautiful SUNFLOWER pattern.

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to print this pattern.

I add these to gifts, bottles or hand soap or lotion too.

You can find other simple crochet gift ideas HERE ON MY BLOG
I sometimes add a hang tag that says CHOOSE TO SHINE!

These SUNFLOWERS can be added to your house decor. Simply tuck them on mantles, use as bowl fillers, string jute twine through the back and you can create garland too!

They will be super fluffy and soft. you can make them in different colors to fit your decor.

They would be adorable as place settings for a dinner party, add a hang tag with the name of your guests on them. Place in the middle of their dinner plate.

They would make a wonderful addition to a fall or summer wreath. Attach with string or wire to a grapevine wreath or use floral pins and attach to a straw wreath.

You will need gold or yellow cotton yarn.
Brown yarn and some jute twine and a brown button.
Crochet hook H
Crochet needle (to weave through the ends)
With your brown yarn
Create a magic ring ch 1 (you can learn the magic ring HERE )
 15 sc into the ring sl st and then change to the yellow or gold yarn now.

ch 3 create 5 trc into the 1st st. Then create 5 trc into the remaining st around. Remember to sl st into each st first.
sl st into the last stitch and into the 1st stitch (where you started at) weave through and finish off.

Add a jute twine spray and a brown button. (optional)


Can't Read Crochet Patterns? No problem, you can find the VIDEO TUTORIAL to this pattern on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL HERE!

I hope you have fun creating your own SUNFLOWERS as I have!

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