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How To Crochet An Octopus FREE PATTERN

What has eight legs, big white eyes and is super cute?

I will give you a hint!

I will let you in on a little secret, kids learn (adults too) to crochet faster and easier with chunky yarn. 

This pattern is the great for teaching new crochet skills and they get to create this adorable octopus in the process!

If you would prefer a printed version of this pattern just scroll to the bottom of the page and click PRINT A PATTERN!

This pattern will use the technique of the MAGIC RING and you can find my video tutorial HERE!

Other tutorials can be found on my blog HERE!
You will need the following tools/supplies for this creation.

Your octopus can be made in any color that you wish.
You can create two head sections and sl st them together, and fill with poly fiber fill to create a stuffed octopus!

H hook
N hook
White worsted weight yarn (just a little for the eyes)
Chunky red yarn (little less than half a skein)
Crochet needle


What you will do:

Octopus head
Using your n hook and red chunky yarn create a magic ring 

Round 1
Ch2 12 dc into the ring

Round 2
ch 2 2 dc in first st, then 1 dc in the next, repeat all the way around. Hold what you have! You will keep going and create a tentacle that will attach to your progress so far…

*ch 12
( this creates the first tentacle) hdc back down the tentacle sl st to the circle (this will join the tentacle to the head of your octopus. Sl st in the next st around the circle repeat from the *
You will be creating 8 tentacles for your sea creature.
Once you are done creating your tentacles sl st and join to the circle and then finish off and weave through.

H hook white yarn
Round 1:
Ch 2  9 dc into the ring sl st to the top of the first dc
Finish off and weave through the ends with a crochet needle
Eyes can be added to the top of your octopus head by stitching with white thread or leaving a tale and weaving the eyes through the back of the octopus’ head.

Apply button eyes or glue wiggly eyes with fabric glue to secure.
I twisted his legs to make them look more real and life like.

All the techniques used in this crochet applique can be viewed HERE! 
My YOU TUBE channel will guide your kids (or you) as you learn and practice each new stitch. 

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