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Caramel Apple Dip Treats

Caramel Apple Dip Treats

Wow, is Fall here already? It seems like we just celebrated Fourth of July! I must admit it Fall is my favorite time of the year. 

You can scroll to the bottom of this page for the complete DIY shopping list!

Well that must mean that it is time for APPLES! I love apples, baked, fried, dipped, sliced, just about any way you can think of to eat them is fine with me! When you get a chance you can take a gander at my FARMHOUSE APPLESAUCE RECIPE!

I wanted to prepare some simple snacks to share with kiddos this year but did not feel up to doing any cooking. To be honest I did not feel like even turning on the oven! So I got  to thinking.....hmmmm what could I put together for kids that would be fun, include apples (fruits are healthy), but also have a little yummy too? Plus it had to be a 10 min or less DIY! Well here is what I came up with!

Caramel Apple Dip Treats (DIY)

First of all it had to be presented as a gift! Kids love things to open, even if they can see through the bag or paper! So I purchased some small see through bags with swirls on them. Any cute bag will do. I do suggest that you buy some that are clear.

I started out with small Macintosh apples. These apples were .79 cents a lb. Small apples work best with little hands and fit into the small bag perfectly! I made sure they were bug free, bruise free and shiny! I purchased caramel apple dip from my local grocery store. They sell them in individual little tubs. Always by extra tubs just in case one is damaged.

You will need some jute twine. The Dollar General sells it in the garden section and the housewares section -- next to the tools and things. Your bags and some craft 
One spool should do.

You will slip your caramel cups into the bag flat onto the bottom.
Next, nestle your apple on top-- stem side up.
Gather the top of the bag and twist-- hold tight and tie jute twine around it into a knot. Continue to wrap the jute twine around the top and tie into bow. Using your scissors, snip the ends of the twine and you are done! You can add hang tags with HAPPY FALL, PICKED FOR YOU, or AUTUMN is SWEET.
 Share them with family, friends, at fall parties and church gatherings! Fill up a basket and place at your front door to share with visitors and guest as they leave.

More fun recipes can be found on my blog HERE!

Shopping List:
 Small Apples (I prefer red ones like Macintosh or Red Delicious.
Caramel Cups You will need one for each apple treat.
Jute Twine (one spool)
Clear Gift Bags (sold at craft stores)
Hang Tags (optional)