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How To Organize Your Home School LESSON ONE

It is that time of year again, time to purchase pencils, paper, books, and supplies to have the

You can run from store to store cashing in on all the deal that are going on! You can splurge for that microscope or art set for the kids. The truth is if you do not have all these things in order you are going to be spending most of your time hunting for rulers, pencils, and that forever missing glue stick!  

I have home school for several years and I think that one of the most important things is ORGANIZING ALL YOUR SUPPLIES! It makes the school day more efficient and productive.

There is a ketch to it. Mom has to be the first one to get organized. So today we will start there. Our FIRST LESSON is going to be her supplies that she will use everyday.

In our farmhouse kitchen I have a desk, we paid about 50 dollars for it and decided that it would be great for my school desk. I use it during the summer for all kinds of things. I sometimes organize my Etsy items on it for photo shoots and promotions. The middle drawer in the desk is nothing fancy but I had an idea!

I had purchased an old printers drawer and went to work. Any kind of dividers will do the job. The first thing that you should do is decide what goes in that drawer. This would be called creating a HOME! What will you be using during the year? What will your students come to you for? What do you NOT want them to have access to all the time? What helps you teach smoother?

This is my drawer, other than adding some tape and restocking a few things for fall I am ready to teach!

So what are all these things for you might ask? They are the tools and supplies that help me throughout the day. Let's start with the most obvious ones. Markers, pens, highlighters, tablet stylus, and hand cleaner. I keep clip binder here too, in all different sizes. We use them for keeping work together, craft projects, etc. 
Here are a couple of examples.

If you are painting a project like a wooden dowel and need it to dry without touching your work surface then try this tip. Put two (clipped together) and let the bigger clip hold up the smaller one. Your dowels will dry without smudge!

Anytime we are working with our polymer clay and we want to add a sign to it; we simply turn a mini clip upside down and clip our signs to it. While the clay is still we push the clip deep enough so they will not fall out when dry.

The tabs that you see are so useful! They are my favorite!

I use them as place markers in my teacher's manuals. If multiply kids are working in the same book use different colors for each one. Then just move the tabs to keep their place. You will know where each one is working and how far they have gotten to.

Here I have used a slimline sticker to help mark the chords on our piano.

Here you can see the three tabs marking different places where kids or me might be studying.

I have three colors (one for each kid) assigned during the year. That child will always have that color for supplies, lunchbox treats (sticker with that color on their food), and tabs and labels for them to know that it is their place in a book or worksheet stack! When we unpack our lunches at the park their is NO FUSSING over this and that. We find a picnic table and the kids know how to set the place settings.

So for now just make sure you have a central place for you most useful items.
Include things that you find yourself looking for every week while you are teaching. Ask yourself this question, what are your kids constantly looking for during school. What things do they come to you over and over. If you have an issue with little hands being in your drawer sneaking your items. No problem... look closely at my photo.. See the key that locks they drawer. :) I don't use it because our kids are learned in not touching what does not belong to them. That was one of the best lessons we taught them!

This is just a preview of what is to come! I will be added more lessons to get you and me organized in our home to teach our little ones. 

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