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How to Crochet a Mini Basket Pattern

You are going to love making these mini baskets!

I have to admit something to my followers! I love to play pretend with our daughter! From her forest families and their tree-house to her dolls and their farmer's market shopping trips!
She has all size dolls that she plays pretend with and these baskets are so functional with each one!

They hold fruit, veggies, bread, and more!

Teach your kids to be mindful of our planet by using cloth grocery shopping bags! They will become what they play pretend with!

They are just the right size for all kinds of objects. Marbles, tiny treats, little pieces of jewelry, and on and on!

Use them as a diaper bag for small dolls or a tote bag for them to go out to the beach with their sunglasses and beach towel!

You could make a batch of them and fill with a couple of small kiss candies and pass out at hospitals, senior living facilities, or just to give to your friends!
They make adorable party favors! Just imagine the colors you could come up with!

So let's get going and create a bunch of little mini baskets!

crochet hook h
crochet needle
yarn (any kind with work fine)

You will need to know how to create a magic ring/circle 
if you do not know how come to my YOU TUBE channel and learn for FREE!

Mini Basket Pattern

This pattern shows using a ch marker- you don't have to use one if you do not need it

create magic circle ch 1

10 sc into the circle

ch 1(place chain marker here) hdc in each st around (10sts)

ch 1(place ch marker here) hdc in each st around (10sts)

ch1 (place ch marker here) hdc in each st around (10sts)

ch 8(this creates the basket handle) sl st to the other side of your basket 
finish your yarn off and weave through.

Congrats! You just made your first mini crocheted basket!

Take pictures of your baskets and email it to me and I will share it on the Facebook page for the blog!

Enjoy free crochet lessons and patterns HERE!

If you use-share my pattern in your shops, venues or blog I would like a shout out to my blog! Thanks..