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No really the safe way! As you know I sale items online that require rusty bells. I went to my local favorite craft store and could not find what I wanted. So I purchased a bag on bells and the kids and me set out to rust our own!

**Before you head out to purchase yours check to see if a coupon will allow you to get 40% off!

The bells we purchased were in the Christmas section, any cheap bell will do fine.

We decided to throw in some safety pins to see what would happen to them as well.
Remember to unpin them first.

You are going to need some bleach, store brand will work fine. We used the regular kind. Not the concentrated. 

You are going to place your bells in a mason jar or old pickle jar. The more bells you rust the bigger the jar!

You are going to cover you bells with the bleach. About an inch over the bells. This is a step that parents might want to help with. (wear old clothes)

Let them sit for 24 hours. Outside if you can.

After the 24 hours is over you will see this!

They will look a little brown and some rust but not enough just yet.

We need more!

Strain you bleach covered bells, in the toilet or the sink. 


See...they are changing!

Now back to the process!

You are going to need some apple cider vinegar and some table salt. We purchased ours from the dollar store.

Throw the pins and bells back into the jar... DON"T RISE THE BLEACH OFF!
Use an old fork.

Next, cover with vinegar. About a 1/2 inch over the top.

Then cover the rest of the way with salt!

It should look like this!

Screw on the lid and give it a shake!

Now you are going to wait.

24 hours again! Be patient it will be worth it!

After the 24 hours is up you will drain off the vinegar. If you see lots of salt just rinse the salt off with some extra vinegar. I used the strainer for this process,

Don't Rinse with water! We threw ours on a piece of plywood in the sunshine!

They will rust as they dry.. trust me!

 After they are dry ( I waited another 12 hours)


The safety pins did not rust at all. But that is OK because I really was just trying to get the bells rusty.
So now you know how to safely rust jingle bells. I do wipe them off with a cloth before using them in my ETSY creations and craft projects.

Here are some of my creations. Share your rusty bell creations in the comments section below.