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Books are a great way to learn about History!
But along with that we like to take a hands on approach. Nothing perks the imagination and excitement like a field trip!
Well sometimes we don't really plan them we just take an hour or two out of a regular day and have a


Today was one of those days! We had to travel a few towns over for a Dr. Visit and one the way home I decided that we needed to add some school to our day out; if just for a couple of hours.
We spotted an Antique store and decided to go in.
With the kids Pa-pa with us this was the perfect time to learn about some interesting things that we would be coming across in our little adventure.
He knows all kinds of fun facts about all kinds of things!

These irons were really neat. I just looked at them and stood there wondering about the people that use to use them on an everyday basis. I pondered what kinds of things that they would iron. Maybe curtains or tablecloths or maybe diapers for a new addition to the family?

As we made our way along through the many rooms of the antique store I could not help but look at all the beautiful things around each room and wonder the back story on each one.

I love the picture of the corner shelf above! It looks so nice. The christmas tree in the old box was nice too!

I wonder how many pans of bisquits were made using these old rolling pins?

Or how heavy this boat hardware is?

I was tickled when my daughter was so excited about telling me all about this phone. Her exact words were "Mom, LOOK at this OLD phone! It is the kind that you use your finger to turn the dial!" Really? I felt my age at that moment! LOL

So as we walked taking in all the vintage goodies; I got to thinking.....

How would you get children to really notice the items all around them and to get them to learn about them in a way that would be fun and a little bit of an adventure?

To get them to look at individual items and really see them for what they are and not just a bunch of things to look at.

So I came home and created a worksheet for just that purpose in mind.

Click the link below and download a copy of this Antique Store Treasure Hunt!

Give your kids a pencil to mark all the items that they spot!

Once a child spots that item they should talk about it with each other and with you and learn as much as they can and then go to the next item.

Talk about the time it was made, what was going on in History at that time. If you know some special about that item share it with them. It will make it personal to them. You will find that they will be sharing their knowlege with other people too. They love to hear old stories about things too.
Invite a relative or friend that is a bit seasoned in life to share their stories too!

So I encourage you to print out a handful of these worksheets and take a couple of hours and have a treasure hunt inside a antique store!
I promise that you will have so much fun, learn so much, and make lots of memories!

Happy Hunting!

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