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How sweet, right? I was recently asked by a close friend of mine to create some oversize cotton candy for her ladies gathering. I would love to tell you that me and my little girl created these LARGE cotton candy decorations but not so! It was my 15 year old son and me that conquered this project. (We had a great time working on them. :)

The following tutorial will allow you to create two large and two small cotton candy decor pieces.
The ones in the photo are waist high. About a yard or so.

We started out with the following tools and materials.

large hot glue gun
large wooden dowels 2
medium wooden dowels 2
Rust-oleum pink spray paint 1can (GLOSS CANDY PINK)
Acrylic pink paint 1 bottle (POODLE SKIRT PINK)
small foam brush
paper towels 
milk crates 1 or more
binder clips 4
trash bags 3
ribbons (assorted pink, white and patterned)
quilt batting (a large bag)

To create the small cotton candy decor:
We started out by cutting our batting. It spreads out in large sheets when you open it.
He held the batting up and I cut three pieces into about 3 inch wide strips for the small cotton candy decor x2 
I just cut the long length of the batting three times.
My son held the dowel steady, you will want someone that can handle this task.

Add glue to the end of the dowel and wrap the batting around the dowel. You want your top to look like cotton candy not ice cream cones. To do this apply glue to the top of the dowel and wrap batting over it and continue around. This will create a smooth top on your candy.
When your are at the end of the first piece tuck and glue. Repeat with second strip. Before you apply the third piece pinch and pull it apart all the way along the piece and make it fluffy, This will make your cotton candy look more realistic. Swirl it up the dowel then tuck and glue to hold into place.
You have just created your first cotton candy, now let's paint!

To create the large cotton candy cut the batting into 5 inch wide strips. You will cut 3 and wrap them to the dowel the same way as above.
You will then cut one in 4 inch wide and separate and fluff and wrap lightly around to create the swirled look.

We picked pink for the color theme of the gathering. You can paint your candy any color you like.
We turned milk crates upside down and used them to prop up the cotton candy by sticking the dowel inside crate holes.
Spray your cotton candy in short burst of paint. Be mindful of the underside. You will want a little white showing softly here and there to make it look more real.
Do not fret over painting the stick, you will do that later.

Once the cotton candy it dry. We let our dry overnight you can finish it all in one day if you choose.

My son placed the cotton candy into trash bags (scented of course :) )
This will keep them protected from debri and things getting caught in the fluff.

I painted the dowel on my kitchen table. I placed paper towels on the table to protect from paint drips.

The large cotton candy sticks are in the air so no need to use a binder clip to help you paint. I applied two coats (dry time 10 mins each coat) of the Poodle skirt Pink with the foam brush. I just applied the paint directly to the brush and painted. No need for tray or plate. 
Make sure you paint up the dowel by gently lifting the fluff and paint a little underneath.

To help you paint the two smaller cotton candy dowels do this trick.

Hold the tip of the dowel up with large binder clip and paint up the stick leaving the tip with unpainted. Let it dry (two coats).

To paint the tip. Slide the two clips (large and small) up the painted dowel (dry) this holds the dowel in the air while you paint the tip. (Two coats) 

Once they are dry you can add ribbons to make them look posh.

We transported them in the trash bags. Two small cotton candy decors will fit in one kitchen trash bag.


Create these decorations to make your next gathering posh. Baby showers, girls birthday party, photo props, etc...

We had fun creating these adorable cotton candy decorating pieces.
I encourage you to get involved! Do things with your kids. Teach them how to create and to use their imaginations. Search the web, find things you like a tweak the idea and make it your own. Think outside the box. Don't be afraid to take on a challenge, you might be surprised what you will create. And you will get to have fun along the way! 

If you have enjoyed this post, feel free to leave a comment below and share on social media with your crafting buddies!

Happy Creating!

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