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It that time of year again!

Time to gather the seeds, plants, and tools ready and plant a garden!

Teaching our our own kids to garden has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever done.

It is important for children to know where what they eat comes from.

They also need to know how to grow, harvest and prepare food.

I will cover that in the next couple of weeks if you don't want to miss out FOLLOW my blog..

I am going to start simple.

Getting kids to recognize fruits, vegetables, and also the sun and rain!

This free worksheet will help you get started.

You can print this worksheet for free without the watermark.
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This worksheet can be used by teachers, and learning groups. I ask that you not resale it or use it for advertising.

How to use this worksheet with kids.

If you are a teacher with a large class: Ask them to bring in one of the foods on the worksheet and then discuss them together in a lesson.

For home school teachers, take this worksheet (put on a clipboard) and let them locate them at the local farmers market, produce section of your local grocery store, or in your own garden!

Download my free worksheet HERE!

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Hope you have fun teaching your kids with my worksheets!

All of my worksheets are hand drawn and created by me!

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