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Hello and welcome!

I am sharing this set of 2 art worksheet creation of mine that will help you kids with drawing.

In this lesson they will learn how to draw Chloe, she is a character from my imagination. :)

This worksheet is free and feel free to share it as a link to my blog. I ask that you do not sell or copy my creation for your blog, business of personal gain.

This worksheet has a watermark, your downloaded worksheet will not.

So I encourage you to grab your paper, pencils and imagination and come draw with us!

Download art worksheet #1  HERE!
It will not have a watermark. :)

 Download art worksheet # 2 HERE!
It will not have a watermark..:)
Your kids can use the art worksheet below to help with the circles. To create their own circle they can use a round object and just trace around it.

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