Simple Flower Crochet Pattern

What to learn to crochet simple flowers to add to home decor, fashion accessories, or just to give to someone to cheer them up?

This simple flower crochet pattern is just the thing!

You will need:
crochet hook 5mm
worsted weight yarn
button or pearl (optional)

Simple Flower Crochet Pattern

 leaving about a 4 inch yarn tale Ch 53

Ch 3 Sl st into 2nd ch from the hook ch 3  sl st into 2nd chain from the hook all the way across until you have created 24 petals (loops)

Ch 1 turn
                       *Sl st in to first petal (loop) then ch 2 then 3 hdc then ch 2 then sl st all in first petal                                                                                    (loop)

Ch 2 sl st  into next loop continue at *
Next 17 petals (loops).

In the remaining 7 petals (loops)
Sl st then ch 2 then 5 hdc then ch 2 sl st into same petal (loop).

Sl st leave a yarn tale and tight into knot.

Starting with the larger loops (5hdc) on the bottom turn your creation in spiral until it creates a flower.
Weave through the yarn ends and tie into a knot on the bottom of the flower.

If your flower is a little floppy you can take an extra bit of yarn and stitch throughout with a crochet needle to secure.

You may add a button if desired.

These flowers make wonderful pins to wear or give as gifts. I add a round piece of felt and hand stitch to the bottom with thread. Safety pins or hair pins will allow them to be worn on clothing or as fashion accessory. I add them to fingerless gloves and to crocheted hats too.

Create them in all kinds of colors and use up that stash of leftover yarn and create gifts for all your friends!

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