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How to Crochet a Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover

Crochet Pattern For Shamrock / 4 leaf clover.

Shout out to all my Irish Followers! 

Shamrock, a low growing, cloverlike plant with three lob leaves, used as the national emblem of Ireland.

Even if Irish blood did not run through my veins clover is dear to my heart. 

As a child I would sit for hours hunting clovers. Some with three leaves, some with four. I found one that had SIX!  Nothing feels so sweet to a child's toes than a cool, soft patch of clover.
I remember our elderly neighbors having a huge clover patch in their front yard and we would hunt through the clover and talk the afternoons away. 
Now I don't put any faith in luck; but I think finding one of the Lord's special 4 leaf clovers is a real site to behold. :)

I tried to pass that memory on with the creation of these adorable Shamrocks.

This pattern requires the knowledge of the Magic Ring.
I have provided the following video to help.

H hook
worsted yarn of choice ( I picked green)
crochet needle
optional button

Four Leaf Clover
Create a Magic Ring
*ch 4
4 tr into the ring
ch 4
sl st into the ring
Repeat 3 more times * to end up with 4 leaves
If you desire 3 leave only repeat 2 times.
ch 10 hdc back up same 10 sts (this will create you clovers stem)
attach stem to the back of the clover with sl st
tie two yarns into a knot and weave through and finish off.
Add a decorative button in middle with needle and thread if you like. 

Here is the You Tube Video!

Other designs:

Slip yarn through the back of the shamrocks to create bunting for decorating.

Use them for bowl fillers.

Make up a batch and decorate a wreath for your door!

Attach safety pin to the back to create a pin.

Leave your comments below, I would love to hear about your ideas, thought and the different ways you used your little clovers.

Or maybe a childhood story or two?

Happy Creating!

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