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Grilled Montreal - Coconut Chicken Breast

You are going to love this one!

              Grilled Montreal - Coconut Chicken Breast

You will need:
6-8 boneless skinless chicken breast
organic coconut oil 1/2 cup or so
virgin Olive oil 2 Tablespoons
Montreal seasoning 1-2 Tablespoons

You will do:
ALL inside a gallon size bag you will place boneless/ skinless chicken breast, olive oil and close the bag. You will rub the chicken with the oil until well coated. Then open the bag and add your Montreal Seasoning, add enough to coat the chicken really good, close bag and rub chicken while in the bag with seasoning.
The gallon bag with make this step simple and requires less clean up time.
This is a one pan recipe.

I heated a cast iron skillet (the kind that make grill marks on the chicken) on low to medium heat and coated it with organic coconut oil. This makes all the difference. It will give your meat a light coconut flavor.  I then placed the chicken on the heated skillet added Celtic salt and Cracked Black Pepper Corn and browned it till 165 degrees in the middle.

I added a little coconut oil throughout the grilling process to make sure chicken was not sticking and that also helped keep it juicy.
Coconut oil is wonderful for grilling because it has a low smoke level. In other words it will not turn brown in your pan as fast and burn your meat. Plus it is a healthy fat for you body and loaded with all kinds of benefits.

You can grill this on your outside grill too, either way it will taste so yummy!

I had to have a piece once it was ready!


I will serve this with a salad or it will make a great sandwich later.

So light your grill and get cooking today!

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