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Messy Bun Crochet Hat Pattern will fit American Girl or 18 inch Doll

Messy Bun Crochet Hat Pattern will fit American Girl or 18 inch Doll

I will tell you right from the start that this was not totally my creation.

Our 10 year old daughter came up with this and she wanted my to create a pattern for her.

So after a couple of hours of playing with her dolls hair (Yes! I love playing dolls with my little girl!), some yarn and some brainstorming Viola!

This is our version of the Messy Bun Crochet Hat for dolls.

Don't fret over the size fitting your doll; because with the ribbon you can tighten and loosen to fit your dolls head perfectly!

Just slip the hat on, tighten to fit your dolls head and style her hair any which way you choose!

No matter how much hair your doll has it will slip right through the design of this little hat.

You will be able to style her hair with the hat on her head!

Keeping her ears and head warm by still having her beautiful locks showing! :)

She can "rock a pony" too!

What you need:
worsted weight yarn
crochet hook size H 5 mm
crochet needle (for finishing off your work)
ribbon--I used a tiny pink for this version.

What techniques you need to know:
sl st


round 1: ch 38 sl st in the 1st ch st (this will create large loop)
** remember to not twist your loop as you start out**
round 2: ch 2 dc in each st around sl st in the top of first dc  (38 stitches)
round 3: ch 2 hdc in each st around  sl st in the top of the first hdc (38 stitches)
round 4: ch 3 tr in each st around sl st in the top of the first tr (38 stitches)
round 5: repeat round 4
round 6: ch 2 ( all in the 1st stitch, sl st then 3 hdc and sl st again into the same stitch)
skip one st and in the next st continue with instructions in parenthesis.
When you are at the end just sl st and finish off with your crochet needle.
You will run your ribbon through round 5.

Feel free to create and sell this creation in your shop or venue! I ask that if you do mention my blog.
I ask that you do not reprint of sell my pattern. 
If you happen to use my pattern please give a shout out in the comments below.
If you share my pattern with others I ask that you include my blog address.


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