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Integumentary System Science Lab

Today we have been learning all about our skin, nails and hair and all the interesting things that it can do!

So I started the lab with some reading from our Science book.
On normal lab days the kids get kind of "wiggly" so to speak while I am reading.

So I decided to change things up a bit.

When the class began, I asked each one of my kids to stick out one of their hands and put them flat on the table.

I then applied a smear of school glue to the top of each students--all over from knuckles to wrist-- hand and took a wooden flat stick and wiped it until it was smooth.

washable school glue

I told them not to move their hands and listen to the lesson. To my surprise they thought that was the coolest thing!

They had the giggles because the glue was sticky and cold!

I read about all kinds of things from the Epidermis, to hair follicles and how the skin is the largest organ that we have.

I describe the effects of Vitamin D in our bodies.

How hair becomes curly or straight.

The whole while they are still listening and staring at their gooey hands. ha ha

I finished up the lesson and they were ready to find out why I had smeared glue on them and left them like that without telling them why.

Yes, their was a little part of me that wanted to just walk away and not tell them anything and leave them that way.. lol

But the loving mother in me did not.

So I got up; walked around the table and checked their hands to see if they were dry. One kid had to wait a second longer, but finally we got to reveal the experiment.

The glue that I had smeared on them had dried to a glossy finish and when they started moving there hands they remarked that they looked like "old people" ... ha ha. Don't worry their day is coming. :)

I ask them to gently pull their "SKIN" off and look at it. 
I asked them what did they notice about their hands and what did they see on the layer of glue they pulled off?

They noticed the glue had little dents where the pores of their skin had been touching it.

They noticed that the hand with the glue applied was super smooth and it appeared that the pores were smaller. (ladies take note here :)

They are going to look at it later under a microscope to further study there "SKIN"

We really had a fun time today in Science.
I hope that you are encouraged to learn with your students as well.

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