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Free Canning Jar Cozy Crochet Pattern

I love canning jars! I have them all over my house!
I store herbs in them, cotton swabs and all kinds of things!
This pattern is a favorite of mine.

What a cute border and ribbon.

You will need:

Crochet Hook size H 5.00 mm
Worsted weight yarn. 
A button
A crochet needle
A piece of ribbon
 a safety pin

The pattern goes like this:

           ROUND 1 ch 34 sl st in first ch to create large loop.
*make sure not to twist your loop as you create your cozy

ROUND 2 ch 2 hdc in each st around (34 sts)
sl st in top of first hdc

ROUND 3 ch 2 dc in each st around (34 sts) 
 sl st in top of first dc 

ROUND 4,5,6,7 repeat ROUND 3 

Now for the cute border!
ch2 ( all in the same st ----sl st in the 1st st then 3hdc then sl st again)
ch 2 skip the next st and in the next stitch repeat (---)
You will do this all the way around the top of your cozy.

This will create a place to slip your ribbon through. 
Finish off your project with crochet needle.
Pin your safety pin into the end of the ribbon and fish through the top edge of of your cozy just below the cute border! 
Run the ribbon through your favorite button and....

Viola! You are done!

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I ask that you please not copy, or sell, my pattern.
You can use it to create items for personal use and to sell in your shops or venues.
Please leave comments below if you decide to use my .
I would love to hear about your creation ideas!

Happy Creating!