Energy Bites for Fibromyalgia!

OK, we are getting healthier everyday here at the farmhouse!
Come join us as we incorporate more healthy options in our menu plans everyday!
Our new recipe we tried this week are Energy Bites!
We came across this recipe in a video that was posted at the Bulk Herb Store 

As you already know we love herbs!
We grow some in our raised beds and buy some too.
Living with Fibromyalgia is a daily struggle of lack of energy and tons of pain.
I have come to the conclusion that moving is the key to making my days easier.
But with no energy from Chronic Fatigue that can be a little tricky.
I know that I love anything organic and good for my body.
But with that said it has to taste good too!
So in school yesterday we made Energy Bites!
Here is our collection of ingredients we used to prepare our Energy Bites and we had so much fun!

Chia Seeds, unsweetened coconut, dried cranberries, cinnamon,  raw honey, sea salt, flax seeds,

Eleuthero Root Powder. almond butter,

They are packed with vitamins, have tons of fiber, and everything good for you!
They increase your energy and your immune system too.
They smell amazing and taste yummy!
Now I am going to confess to you that we have always bought local honey and will continue to do so..
But we purchased the Raw Honey from Bulk Herb and the only way to describe it is WOW!
It taste like brown sugar and melted butter! ha ha

So we made our Energy Bites and we will be having one every day for a treat after supper.

is the recipe for the Energy Bites and I hope you enjoy making them with your family.
Just a note to my followers: I am not getting paid to endorse Bulk Herb Store or to discuss this recipe or any product mentioned. I simply sharing my testimony of the recipe and the products that work for our family and for the needs we have. I have been a customer for years and love their products!

Want more ideas to help ease FM and CF?

    There are more ideas 



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