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Valentine's Day Chunky Coaster Crochet Pattern

Ok, followers and fellow lovers of CROCHET!
This is one for your pattern STASH!
Don't you think that this chunky heart coaster is so cute?

Suprise the love in your life with this chunky heart coaster.
Perfect for Valentine gift, or just to cheer somebody up.
This pattern will allow you to create a coaster by combining two chunky yarns.
I used Lion Brand, Thick and Quick Wool Ease in the color Sequoia and Hometown USA in Tampa Spice. 
It reminds me so much of chocolate covered strawberries!

This pattern will allow you to create a comfy coaster for your sweetie in no time at all.
Make a set and give as gifts to your favorite couple.
Makes sweet valentine notion for love ones.
Add package of hot chocolate or attach a love note...:)
If you like Ornies or Bowl fillers make a batch up to decorate for Valentine's Day.
Feel free to make them to sale in your shop or venue.
All I ask is that you send a link to my blog. :) 
And send a shout out in the comments section below.

Enough said: Let's Create a HEART!

This pattern will create 1 heart. 
Measures 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches across from side to side and top to bottom.

I used a N crochet Hook 10.00mm
crochet needle 
about 7 yards of each color yarn ( as with all of my patterns I over estimate a little)

You will pull up both strands of yarn at the same time.
leave a long tail about 7 inches when you start off. If you don't you will not have anything to work around and to finish off later on.
Expect it to be tight and chunky, keep working your pattern and smoothing as you go moving the stitches over as you add more stitches and in less than 5 mins or so you will have a beautiful heart!
Using your crochet hook you will work the following pattern to create your chunky heart coaster.

Chunky Valentine Heart Coaster 

Click on the picture below to start your lesson on the Magic Ring.

Ch 3
3 tr in the ring (both strands at once)
3 dc in the ring (both strands at once)
1 tr in the ring (both strands at once)
3 dc in the ring (both strands at once)
3 tr in the ring (both strands at once)
chain 3 and sl st into the ring and pull tight to creat heart shape.(both strands at once)
I tie mine in a knot and leave a couple yarn tales and
finish off ends and work through with crochet needle

Love my patterns, there is more on my blog HERE!

Happy Creating!