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Pinecone Craft DIY Little Skier Girl

This little darling girl is skiing with her blue skis and her warm and cozy winter hat.
She is easy to create.

   Here is what you will need:
a wood ball for her head
pop cycle sticks 
channiel stems
paint (acrylic)
hot glue gun

Make her head by painting her hair in two swoops, do one right and one left to create hairline.
blue dots for eyes, and red line for lipstick.
You can make your creation with darker skin and lighter hair, she would be pretty in any color variety. :)
Paint the tips of the pine cone with white paint and sprinkle with glitter while still wet.
Cut a pop cycle stick in half to create snow boot, and the larger one blue with white polka-dots (dot them with white paint using toothpicks to create dots) to look like snow.

When your parts are dry,
Tie a chenille stem around the pine cone to create arms and twist around toothpicks at the end to make her hold her ski poles.

When her head is dry add felt or flannel hat and accent with pearl and black yarn bow.

Our little darling is leaning to one side to make her look like she is in action on the slopes!

Hope you have enjoyed this little pine cone creation.

Happy Creating!