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Creamy Mexican Cheese Dip

 OK, most of my followers know by now that I have Fibromyalgia and it limits my life in many ways.
One of those ways is planning ANYTHING! But I still like to attempt to attend some gatherings and fellowship with friends; so this is my easiest recipe for taking with me. Everyone loves it! So I am always asked to bring it and I don't mind because it is so simple and easy to store until ready to prepare.

How this recipe was born:
It all started at a church fellowship many years ago when I tasted something similar to this recipe and thought it had the best flavor; so when I prepared it one weekend I messed up and added to much cheese and thought I had ruined the whole thing. Not So! My guys loved it! They would not have me prepare it any other way!

So with that said let's get started....

Grab your slow cooker and if you are lazy like me, add a cooker bag to it so you don't have to wash the crock later on.
 I am giving the instructions for a family size batch you can decrease if need be.

12 oz of Colby jack
12 oz Pepper jack
(3)  15ounce cans of chili (with the beans)
3 --8oz of Cream Cheese

Line you slow cooker with a cooking bag, cut cream cheese into squares

You are going to layer each ingredient in you slow cooker.

I buy four packs of cheese and have 8 ounces left over.
4 ounces of each flavor.

Cut up your cheeses into cubes.

Layer your cheese over your cream cheese cubes.

Open your cans of chili.

Pour in slow cooker over cubes.

Turn your slow cooker on and melt all ingredients until creamy.
I set mine of 4 on high and after it is melted, should only take about an hour.
Turn on low or warm setting.
Stir occasionally to keep blended.
You can heat on stove on low or microwave too.
I like slow cooker because it keeps stove top free and travels well and no clean up.

It should be creamy like this.
Serve with tortilla chips!

One of the perks of this recipe is you can store the ingredients for weeks!
No running out at the last minute.
If you find you are in a hurry, microwave the ingredients and pour in your slow cooker and hit the road! Everyone with think it took you hours to prepare. ha ha

A girl has to do what a girl has to do!

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