DIY Organizing Laundry/Mudroom with Robe Hooks!

If you hang around my blog long enough you will learn pretty fast that I am a simple women and it does not take much to make me happy and content.
You know I suffer with Fibromyalgia and I am always looking for ways to make my life a little easier each day. Well this is a great project that did just that!

So when hubby wanted to know what I would like for a Christmas, I told him I wanted some hooks going across my Laundry/Mudroom to keep our large family organized better.

He was sweet to buy me a new phone (that I love), but I was really wanting to see that wall with hooks or something useful.

You see we have a large clapboard sided wall (part of the original farmhouse siding) in our mudroom.
It just seems so empty, and with this room so small we could use all the storage we could get!
In the photo below you can see the empty wall, and to top it all off this is a walkway from our backdoor to the interior kitchen door. And in a little nook there is a front load washer and dryer. So it makes for a tiny area with little to no storage.

Look a little closer and you will see the temporary plastic hooks.

It is OK to laugh, it was so pitiful.

So he went to the shed and after about 2 hours he came in with his creation.

He already had some outdated robe hooks and  not really knowing what to do with them he decided to utilize them in this project. What a great idea!

He purchased a wood board at Home Depot and went to work!

 He got the boys involved and they helped him too.
The only money spent was the cost of the board.

 By the way, I have seen these hooks all over.
Here are some places to find them for really 

Habitat for Humanity, yardsales and thriftstores. So they are not hard to come by. And in most cases are not to exspensive.

These hook are LARGE and that is just what I wanted, big enough to handle heavy coats, flashlights, and baskets full of toys and pet supplies.

I encourage you to use what you have, think outside of the box and create something that will help you in every day living. I love this gift because it is something my whole family will use everday (even the pets) and it did not break the bank!

Happy Creating!


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