How To Start Blogging in 2017

Getting Started

How to Start Blogging
Blogging can be a full or part time investment, depending on how many hours you are willing to spend creating and building you blog.
It can be very rewarding and relaxing too. Well I seem to think so!

Reasons to blog: 
To be able to write, books or info or just for enjoyment.
To sell items like books, products, seminars and info.
To share your world with others, to help others.

Brainstorm, you know... think, think, think, rack your brain on what you are planning on writing about. I would recommend that you start a notebook or journal now to keep up with passwords, brainstorming ideas, and info about domain names and so forth. You do not want to lose any valuable information at this point in the game.

So with notebook and pen in hand let's get started!

You might want to choose a "niche" something that you are really educated in or have "been there have the T-shirt kind of subject".
It could be helping people start blogging, or maybe you are a freelance writer and sell your services. You might be the mother of twins, or love to work on old cars and share your knowledge with others.

Something that you are the master of! :) Don't be scared! Claim it! You work hard on being so smart about what you know! It is time to share it with the world...

Beware! Don't blog about something that you don't know about. You will simply go nowhere with it, you need to have knowledge and plenty of ideas on the topic you blog about to keep your readers/followers interested and coming back for more. Don't waste your time and theirs! Blog what you know!

You first need to know what you are planning on blogging about, for me this was a little tricky. Here is a little info about me to bring you up to date.
I have an education in Electrical/Electronics and I am a stay at home mother of three kiddos. I do not work outside of my home. 
We live in a farmhouse in the country and I home school them as well.
I love to create things, teach our children, I love art, crocheting, cooking, baking at playing the piano too. I love pets and gardening and well you see how I really do not have a "niche". 
I also have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and deal with that on a daily basis. So picking one thing would not be an option for me.
If you are in the same boat, that is fine, start by blogging about what you love the most and you can add the other talents later on.

For me to narrow down one thing that I do well is hard, my brain works in overdrive even when I am sleeping. So when I created my blog I did so by deciding to make a melting pot out of all the things that I love!

Once you have decided what you would like to blog about you will move to the next step.

Step 2 Making it YOURS!
I started out by buying my domain name. This will protect you from becoming victim to having someone else use it later. I purchased mine from Google. You can buy one here Google Domains 

That was the day my blog was born! 


I named it 123imaginationalive. A simple name, yet if left opened for me the ability to blog about all my favorite subjects.

Step 3 Choose a host. 

I just decided to go with BLOGGER , it was easy (and free) and I got started creating my in a matter of minutes. I know there are other host sites that have great resources but with that comes big fees! So be careful if you are just starting out go with something simple. You can always up grade to other host if your blog grows into something bigger than you thought.

So let's review:
 What to blog about
 Making it Yours
 Choosing a Host

Just a couple of tip and tricks to help your blogging go a little smoother.

Blog about something interesting that captures your followers interest. 

Use great photos, don't have bad pictures to help bring your post to life. No matter how good the post is and how informative, the reader will always remember the pictures! 

Use links that help your readers interact with the post, let them feel like they are in control of their TRIP around you blog. 

If you are trying to make money using your blog as a platform then,
Your goal is to keep your readers on your blog as long as possible if you are trying to bring in revenue to your site. You try to avoid sending them to other sites unless it is to buy your products. The longer they are on your site the greater chance for you to make money $$ from your blog.
If you are into making money through your blog it would be good to offer your products too. Handmade items, PDF downloads, E-books, Classes...etc..

This is an example of my worksheets that I draw, it is linked to another site and can be purchased there. You will upload your items to your blog site so they are visible to your readers to purchase.

Example of Goods for sale

I love to create crochet items. I love to sell them too; but I do not have the time to sit a crochet items to sell. So I learned how to read the patterns and then starting righting my own. Yes, I had to learn how to create digital files to upload and offer to my followers. I sell the patterns now and only have to make one for the photo shoot. My daughter gets to keep the prototypes! :)
Are all of my patterns for sale? No some are free like the one below, why? Good question, because it draws traffic to my blog! Plus it allows my followers to try some of my patterns for free before the choose to buy one. Kind of like a preview item. :) Keeping interested and happy followers is the key to a successful blog. Once they realize you are going to offer freebies from time to time they will love to follow you! Don't be afraid to share your knowledge, it is a trade off. You offer something they want and you grow your blog in the process. :)

Update: Since I posted this Post, I have create a TEACHING KIDS TO CROCHET series of lesssons and created my own YOU TUBE channel. That way all of my content for the lessons can be found not only on my blog but there as well. Just wanted to add this just in case it helps anybody.

Here is what one of my lessons looks like. You just simply click the middle of the pictures and the video starts playing. This could be used for all kinds of ideas. Crafting, cooking, decorating ideas, how to videos, the possibilities are endless. 

Other avenues of revenue would be to sign up for advertisements such as
ADSENSE, you will add ads to your site through HTML codes. It just takes a few steps and you are ready to start making a profit by just simply doing something you love to do already! It really is that simple.

And in closing, I would simply say "Have Fun"! Having fun at what you are blogging about, after all it is part of the all American Dream.

 To be able to write about what you love and share it with others who appreciate it is rewarding within itself. Getting paid a little along the way does not hurt either. :)

 Happy Blogging!


  1. Thank you for this advice. I am just getting started myself.

  2. I must say it has been a lot of hard work, but when you get to connect with other folks that share your passion it is amazing! If I am not following you already, I will!


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