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I would like to introduce my E-book
Organizing Your Sewing Nook to my blog readers and followers!

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Do you have a sewing nook?

Do you have a place that you create or maybe just to mend a garment or repair a button on a shirt.
Today I am going to show you how to create a sewing nook in your home or how to organize the one that you already have.

Even if you have a sewing room the tips in this my E-book will help you create a more organize area and keep you on track to creating like a pro!

Organize your buttons and sewing notions.


Extra sewing machine supplies.


You will save money by using what you know you already have instead of buying repeats of the same item. What a waste!

Download my FREE E-BOOK HERE
 to find our what the Belly Drawer is!

My book covers everything from creating a nook for sewing, to how to organize and keep it that way!

Step by step instructions on how to go through all of your sewing supplies and creative ideas on how to store them and when to toss and how to toss them out without guilt!

You will create a nook that is all YOURS!

I teach you how to keep your family from dumping their belongings on your desk.

Easy to find colors and patterns in one spot!

Eight Chapters on everything from patterns to fabric!

Vintage Buttons



I think you will be well pleased with your results after using my methods of organizing your sewing nook!
 My E-book is in black and white print.
Doodles are illustrated by me, Melinda Smith
Color photos on my blog are of my sewing nook here at the farmhouse. This is an example of what yours can look like.

My E-book Organizing Your Sewing Nook is Free to download.
I ask that you do not share this anywhere else to be downloaded.
You may refer to my blog through a link.
Any copies/reprints of my book for resale fall under Copywright law. Do not copy it for resale purposes. Thanks
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And it is FREE!
Download my E-book 

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