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Christmas Polymer Clay Ornaments DIY

Are you on a budget for your Christmas gifts this year? Don't fret just yet!
I am going to show you how to create a large amount of gifts to give to large groups of folks.
and... they will be personal, and that gift that everyone will keep talking about year after year! One of a kind so you don't duplicate the co-workers idea.:)

Yes, you read that correct, now let me be REAL here for a minute.
I love giving gifts to everyone!
Yes the mail lady, our church folks, and family and friends.
But I have to realistic while living in that dreamworld! :)
Our budget does not allow for us to treat everyone with gift baskets, gift cards, and impressive gifts.
With that said,
Let's take a second to do the math on this:
If you have say?... 25 co-workers,
each one you spend a dollar on.
That is $25.00 not counting tax or shipping.
And really what can you really buy for a dollar or less that folks don't already have?
Another box of candy, dollar store tools, or ANOTHER flashlight.
Do you want to make it more personal this year?

Well I am about to blow your imagination!

Here is how you will cover all the folks on your list and a couple of extras for less than the cost of a fast food meal.

You will need:
Polymer Clay (air dry--I used Crayola brand)
I bought the large container you will have leftovers!

Smooth mat to roll on
drinking straws 15-20
Clay stamper with letters, shapes, etc.
You can use lace, evergreen, anything that will make a pretty impression.
Rolling pin
cookie cutter (small)
parchment paper

Roll out your clay, make it thin like a wafer cookie.
You will use a butter knife to go under it to remove from the mat.
Then using letter stamper, stamp word of choice, some ideas are:
Jesus, Love, Joy, baby's name, scripture, special date; so the ideas are endless!
You can make each one personal for each person you are giving it to or keep it simple and make a large batch or the same design.

After you have stamped your clay creation you will want to make a hole so you can run ribbon,string or jute twine later on.
You create the hole by using a straw and remember to give it a little twist so it goes all the way thru.
This process will clog your straw, simply take your scissors and snip that section off and continue to make holes in each one of your ornaments.

 Make sure your hole is all the way through.

If you do not want to hang them omit this step.
They could be used as Ornies or Bowl Fillers.
If you like you can stick a magnet to the back and design them for the fridge.

Look over your batch to make sure all of them have holes that need them.
Last year some of mine were missing a hole.
I noticed it when they were dry.

Ha ha

 Once they are cut out, stamped, and a hole is in them use your butter knife to transfer them to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. They will live here for the next couple of days or so.
After they are completely dry, run your ribbon, jute twin or string through them and tie the ends in a knot.

 I sent them in a little basket with hubby to pass out at office and while he travels to other job locations he hands them out to other co-workers.
I slip them into Christmas cards for our church family, and they are so neat to place with other gift ideas like baskets and stockings.

It is a great way to brighten someones day, a great way to share the love of God with others.
It take only about 10-15 minutes create a batch and about another 10 to 15 minutes to attach ribbon.
Not counting drying time.

So, less than 30 minutes total, less than $10.00 and makes 50+ unique, personal and appreciated gifts for everyone on your list!
You can buy the clay in other colors, I buy plain, you can sand it, paint it and if it seems to dry you can add a few drops of water and it becomes workable again.


So, get the kids together, put on some Christmas music, make some hot chocolate and make some litle clay ornaments for all the folks on your list!