Christmas Tree Tool Box LAST MINUTE LIFE SAVER!

OK, it is almost HERE!

That time of opening presents and little ones eyes all wide with excitement!

First of all let me just say, DO NOT spend precious minutes running around hunting for tools, glue and this and that.
Right now, start building your CHRISTMAS TREE TOOL BOX!

Here is what ours contains.

AAA and AA sizes. Let me guarantee you that something is going to need batteries, one year we spent $50.00 on batteries! (no more battery operated trains here!)

Not just any old glue either! Better listen up!
This is not time for your Grandpa's glue you need ARMY strong glue that will work in no time.
At our house we have a repair station. The end of our kitchen counter is the Work in Progress Station. If something is setting on a paper towel DON'T! move it. It is healing!
I recommend Gorilla Gel, you can buy it at Dollar General and it is about $5.00.
warning: there is a RANT approaching!

By the way teaching your children to respect their gifts is the gift within a gift. Don't let them tear things up just because it is fun to do.
That is what Pinatas were made for!
Teaching them to take care of toys and repair them when they are broken is very important. 
Our 15 year old spent 2 hours last night repairing my humidifier so I could sleep better. (thanks son)
He was able to do that because we have always taught him to respect the things that people spend money on. The cold hard fact is THINGS cost someone money, time or talent.
And they love to tinker anyway so let them repair things.

Phillip's and Slotted should do nicely.

Just a small set should work fine.

OK, mom's and dad's this is not to use on the kiddos! :)
This is to help construct their gifts.
Don't worry their is something in the Christmas Tree Tool Box for you too! Be patient!

Band aids:
Trust me you are going to use them!
Little Johnny is going to cut something on his body or his little sisters, either way you will be prepared!

OK, I have to go back to my Electrical/Electronics education here, I love my Leatherman and I use it for all kinds of things.
You do not have to put this in your Box. I do because it has a really sharp knife and all kind of goodies to help along the way. I recommend not letting little ones use it because of the knife.
Give it to Dad to use, it will make him feel important.:)

Now you can choose which ever helps you the most.
I just threw in some Ibuprophen for the photo.
You can toss your RX in there if need be. :)
I guarentee you will either get a headache or at the least be hurting by the end of the day! :)

This will help with the medication affectivness and calm you right down! :) It will put you in a happy little place and you will think your little sweeties are still the cutiest in the world!
And by the way THEY ARE!

So I urge you to grab a box, bag, or basket and prepare you Christmas Tree Tool Box today!
Add what you know will help on the big day!

Traveling to your kids house this year to see grandkids open their gifts? Whip up one of these boxes and give on Christmas Eve to your grown kids. 

They will love you more for it!

Merry Christmas!


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