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123 Easy Recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Drops

This week is all about the COOKIE!

Sugar Cookies, Gingerbread, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip and many more!

I love a good cookie. I love it when they are made with real butter, real molasses, and real chocolate!

Nothing compares to the feeling of biting into a warm gooey cookie fresh out of the oven!

They make great gifts, and kids love to help bake, decorate and create them!

It is really convenient to give kids presents and do not get me wrong here but they really want you to spend time with them. 
Getting in the kitchen and baking cookies together is a great way to bond with kids and teens too.

You get to share thoughts, get unplugged for a little while, and connect with them in a personal way. That is what they need most anyway! Just letting them know you care about them and they are worth the TIME!

This week I will be featuring a collection of my favorite.

One of them is PB. I love to make these for road trips, and picnic, they store nicely in my basket on my tricycle and are packed with protein to keep us moving!

 HINT* I use all natural PB in my recipe!
I also used REAL vanilla extract too.
NO imitations HERE!