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Watercolor Art Lesson Plan Ideas / How to create a Hang Tag

Watercolor Art is so fun, and in this post I will show you how to create little gift tags along the way! Most kids love to paint, the thought of just being able to make a mess and not have to worry about Mom being upset bring pure Joy to a child's heart!

Here is craft idea you and your kids will LOVE!. 
Go to your local craft store, we love Hobby Lobby!
Purchase art supplies for drawing and painting little art treasures.

Check out my art lessons page HERE.

Let them doodle or you can doodle little drawings in their watercolor books and then cut them out and let them paint them.'
When they are dry, glue them to little brown (or white) hang tags.
Simple white glue works fine, I used Elmer's School Glue for these art projects.
These little tags can be gifted in little sets to be used later or they can be attached to a gift you already have in mind.
Either way they are a nice way to pass on little works of art from your kiddos.
Hint: Slip them into a greeting card for far away family. :)

You can make them for anyone really.

I would recommend starting with animals, insects, flowers and things that are simple.

Here are some ideas.

Here are some we did with a bee theme.
They would be cute to give with a jar of honey.

You know I love chickens. These hang tags would make a great handmade gift for them to use throughout the year.

For the baker or chef in your family here is a little mixer. Make a set of tags for a gift or use to attach to a kitchen themed gift. 

Make a whole set of them for Christmas Gift or 
Bridal Shower!


Need I say more? How cute would these look on a baby shower gift?
Or just add to a little gift to uplift a friend's spirits.

Pink wool, you know I am wanting to crochet now. ha ha

And green,

and yellow

and blue..

A little bistro set for wedding couple.






Here are some other doodle ideas.
woodland animals
cars and trucks
sports/ team logo
grilling items
favorite foods
movie theme
shopping theme
Christmas doodles 
travel ideas
dance/ ballet etc..

See, the ideas are endless. 

So pick a topic, create a doodle and let them paint.
In a couple of hours you have the most adorable gifts to give, and the kiddos 
get to get involved too.