As a home schooling mother of three I am often coming up with new lifeskill ideas that are educational, practical, but tons of fun!
I try my best to expose them to all kinds of learning opportunities. If you have spent time with us on this blog you are quick to figure out I like out-of-the-box ideas and teaching platforms.
One of which we worked on here this week was Teaching Kids to Blog.
It is a simple concept really, just teaching your kids something and letting them reteach it to someone else. Kind of the Charlotte Mason style of learning.
So, with that said, here is what we did for our lessson.

First let me say I will be sharing the recipe to this lifeskill lessson at the bottom of the post but the focus should be on the lesson itself.

Blogging about food! Amen! I could not think of anything more fun to talk about.
We all have to eat, we all have to either prepare the food ourselves or buy it pre-made.
So we yesterday we made Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I let my son (12) take control of my kitchen, Kitchen Aid Mixer, baking supplies, ingredients and of course the dish washer. :)

He measured, scooped and  poured and with my help(very little) he displayed all of his ingredients on a baking sheet. He arranged the items to get the best look and he got to go into my pottery and design different arrangments to make his photo look just right.

Once it was done, I handed him the camera (yes the pricey kind) and he stood up in the chair over the kitchen table and snapped this photo. Got it on the first take! 

So, while he is learning about blogging he is also learning how to use a camera, follow directions, how to make a presentation, and paying attention to detail.
He learned about different textures of foods and the ins and outs of baking secrets.
He learned how to use an oven, a kitchen timer and did I mention this dishwasher? :) 

We both learned that if you charge your camera battery before you start your lesson things run a lot quicker and smoother. ha ha

He will soon learn that what he presents on his post will be viewed by others and I am trying to teach him care about what other think. (in a positive way)
One day he will be a man with a job and so forth. Just like Booker T. Washington sweep and dusted a floor to make an impression to his piers; our children should be held accountable for the skills they preform.
No, everything my son did yesterday was not perfect, but he will grow in knowledge and he will become learned in his skill over time.

He has learned to see things in a new light. He has came up with all kind of ideas to blog about and I like that. I encourage him to challenge his mind and venture out into a whole new world, and explore all kinds of ideas and lessons found learning a his new lifeskill.

So find a subject, get your kiddos involved, and blog something together.
Yes that means make a BIG mess sometimes.

But the rewards are DELICIOUS!

Basic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Heat Oven to 375
2 1/4 cups of flour
3/4 cups of brown sugar
3/4 white sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 eggs
1 cup of butter soften
2 cups of chocolate morsels

combine butter, eggs, vanilla in mixer
add eggs on at time
add flour, salt, baking soda
stir in 2 cups of chocolate morsels (ours are Holiday Morsels)

Thanks fo stopping buy!


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