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Recycle Your Christmas Tree! DIY

Here are some ideas on how to recycle your Christmas tree this year!

Last Year we bought a live Frazer Fur tree for our Christmas tree.
After Christmas was over Dad and the boys cut the tree into little disk.

With those disk we created a wreath by gluing them to a cardboard wreath that we purchased from Hobby Lobby.
I use E-6000 glue to make them stick and stay in the weather.
We purchased our glue at Dollar General.
The big red bow was purchased at Sears with my Shop Your Way points!

The kiddos Me-me and Pa-pa made these little 2x4 snowmen for our family. 

They are so cute!
I nestled one of them in a sled that I purchased at a yard sale for $4.00!
The kids gathered pine cones and cedar branches from our yard and added it to our display.
I sprinkle little wooden disk (to small for our wreath) from our tree last year to create a natural setting for our snowmen.

 On our rocking chairs (we have two) we hung ice skates with old fashioned ribbons.
I purchased the ice skates at a thrift store for $2.75.

So think out of the box for easy decorating ideas this Holiday Season and use things that you love!
We are saving out tree again this year too.
Hint* We are plannig on engraving them with woodburning designs that the kids will learn in  pyrograpy class this upcoming year!