How to Save Geraniums Through The Winter

Calling for a freeze here in our neighborhood, so we decided this week to save our Geraniums.
Super easy and saves us some money in the process.

Step 1: See all those beautiful blooms in the picture? Well they have to go!
Step 2: So to remove the flowers and most of the green leaves and stems just pop them off until your plants look like the ones in #2.
Step 3: Shake off all the excess dirt but keep the root ball in tack. The plant will go into a dormant state during the winter months. It will not grow or produce flowers.
Step 4: Place in a grocery bag upside down and store in a room with just a little light with the temperature around 50 degrees.
A basement or garage will do just fine.

Once a month you will want to take them down and water them or soak for a little while about 45 to an hour.

In the spring bring them into a room with warmer temperature and plant when you are ready. After any signs of frost they can be placed back on your patio or porch. They will start to come alive and will grow with proper soil, water and a sunshine.

And the best part is you do not have to buy new plants every spring!

Our kids dentist office has them and they are beautiful and we look forward to seeing them setting out in spring, it lets us know warmer weather is around the corner.


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