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How to replace drum rollers for the front and back of your LG DLE2514W Dryer!

OK, You can do this. You can go step by step and do this! We did and I took pictures all the way to show you how we pulled it off!

Does your dryer sound like it is drying a bag full of bowling balls. Well instead of buying another dryer you can take a Saturday morning and replace the dryer's drum rollers.

Most dryers have 4 drum rollers, two in the front and two in the back.
We ordered a set of two, replaced one on the front and then one on the back.

Dad, and the boys did the work and I took notes and photos.
This makes for a great life skill lesson.
Snuggles supervised. :)

*****Unplug your washing machine from power source and from your dryer hose*****

Our washer and dryer stack in our mudroom. We are not blessed with a large laundry room.
So in our situation we had to separate them by taking the dryer off the washer and then removing the stack bracket. 

We sat the dryer in our kitchen, we were blessed with a large kitchen!
This will allow us to access all the way around the dryer. 

Take time now to label a paper plate or two with parts that screws came out of. We made a circle and then put the screws for that part in the circle. Keeps things simple. :)

Don't skip this step!

Control for control panel, Top for top of dryer, Stack Bracket (only if yours is a stack unit) and so forth.
Feel free to use as many paper plates as you need and label the circles how ever you need to remember how to be able to put parts back when you are done.

So here we go!

Paper plate
Phillips head screwdriver or cordless handheld
vacuum cleaner

Remove the top of the dryer. Three screws will allow this part to slide right off.

Notice the arrows and numbers to show the screws to remove.

Removing the top of the dryer will reveal the drum and inside of the unit.

Next step is to remove the part that contains the circuit board and plugs.
Be mindful of the connections and be careful not to pull on them as your remove this part.

Once these screws are out you are going to unclip two white clips that hold the wiring for your circuit board, this will release the wire bundles so you can remove this part.

When you have unclipped the wire bundle you will gently unplug the circuit board by unplugging the four different colored plugs.

The front part that contains the circuit board and plugs pops off. Notice the red arrows pointing to the white tabs below.

This is what your unplugged plugs will look like once the front panel is removed. Just keep them out of the way while you continue your project.

Front of dryer with Control panel removed.

See that huge white square (the one that has the dryer door in it), yep that is going to be removed next, don't forget to name it and make a circle on your paper plate and put your screws in it. :)

This would be a good time to remove your dryer filter so it will not get bent, ripped or torn.

Unhook this block; too.

Once your dryer door panel is off you want to take a second to clean it up a little.

Young kids like to help out with this step.

Now onto the next step!
Taking the dryer exhaust panel off.

Two screws for this part. Make another circle on your plate and write Dryer Exhaust Panel.

Now this will expose lots of dirt and grime and maybe a treasure or two.

Clean all throughout this area and inside the bottom of the dryer.

Snuggles is supervising with Dad.

Clean the whole thing really well.

Now on to the drum rollers.
The front of your dryer has two and the back has two.
We replaced the front right and the back right.

This is the two new drum rollers and parts. One of our washers was missing 
so we just used one of the washers that was already one of the old drum rollers.

  All smooth and powdery. The do have a right and wrong side.

In this photo you can see that Dad is holding the drum roller in the direction it should go in the front of the dryer.

You will need some tools for this part, a socket 9/16 standard and 3/8 ratchet.
10 mm opened end wrench.

Notice to the left of the white wiring is the spot for the dryer drum roller.

Reach under and stick it through the hole, secure it on the front.
We went back and added a washer to this one after we checked to second one.

This is the old one, it is worn and looks awful. This was the first one we replaced.

This photo was a little blurry but I wanted to show where to slip the part into.

 Tighten up and done!

Looks Good!

Dad takes all the help he can get!

Now for removing the door bracket. 
Notice the arrows pointing at the four screws.
Removing this will help you access the left drum roller.

See this housing for the light bulb. Notice red arrow.

Unhook it to detach the light bulb from the dryer.

Remember the 1st roller you replaced remember that white wire?
You are going to disconnect it now. This will allow you to move the door panel to the side a bit to 
replace the left drum roller.

Make a spot on your paper plate for these screws.

Remove the drum roller like you did the first one.

Wait! This roller was not damaged! It is just dirty. So we are going to clean it up and make sure it is not warped. No need to fix what is not broke.

Put is back in place.

Put door panel back in place.
 **if you are going to replace the back drum rollers do not replace yet**

This photo is showing Dad adding the washer to the first drum roller we replaced.
He is tightening it up.
Skip this step if you already did it earlier.

Reconnect your white wiring.

Just some photos of our plates. :)

 **If you are going to replace the back drum rollers you do not put the door panel back yet**
You will scroll down for the instructions to continue on with the back drum roller replacement.

Put door panel back.

Reconnect your light bulb.

                                             Reconnect your exhaust fan cover.

Notice metal tabs? They fit into the front panel of your dryer. They white one with the 
door in it.

Gently put back into place, be mindful of the wiring.

reconnect this white connector

Screw front door part onto dryer.

almost done!

Then the bottom

put your wire back into the white clips. 

see the arrows here.

See the rectangle hole and the white tabs that fit into it.
You will do this on both sides.

This will connect the front circuit panel to the dryer.

Connect your colored wiring plug into the circuit board.
You can use blog photos as a guide to see where they go if need be.

Screw back to frame of dryer.

Both sides

Add the top.

Screw into place.

Done, ready to QUIETLY dry a load of your family's clothes!

Now you can connect to your power supply (plug it in). You can check to see if it still makes a that awful sound. Continue to the steps below to repair the back drum rollers if not connect dryer hose to back and you are done!

I hope that this has helped you in some way. I would love to hear your comments and thanks for stopping by my blog. 

****If it still makes an awful noise follow these steps.****

You are going to take it apart down to the drum metal door.
See directions above in the beginning of the blog.

Notice the left replaced drum roller and the one that we cleaned and did not replace.
Note: this is the inside of the door, that is why the rollers are in different locations.
In the other photos we were looking at the other side. :)

Remove the metal plate.

Note: make place on your plate for these parts and their screws.

Both sides..

All the screws until you remove the plate.

This will make the walls of the dryer floppy, that is OK. you can now take out the drum.
But first.
see that black band that is going around the drum?
That is your dryer belt. You have to disconnect it from the drum.

Look underneath the drum with a flashlight and notice how the belt is fed around the pulley.
Take a picture like this if you need to so you can feed it around the pulley later.
Something for reference. 

Once the belt is disconnected you can easily remove the drum. 
Be mindful of which way it came out so you replace it the same way.
Draw and arrow on it with sharpie marker if you need to.

Good time to clean.

Heating element and motor need a good dusting.

Checking the drum rollers.

New drum roller.

Just replace it like in the steps in the beginning of the blog.

We only replaced one on the back. The other was in great condition.
We cleaned it and put it back.

Put the dryer drum back and feed the dryer belt into the pulley underneath the drum.

Putting the metal plate back on.

Almost Done!

Replace the metal door frame. It slides into notches, 
to get it to fit easier lift up on the drum a little.

Replace screws and then follow same directions to put the dryer back together.

You will find them at the beginning of the blog. :)


Told you that you could do it!

Thanks for stopping by, contact me on my home page for questions.

Get the kids (and doggie) involved. 
Make it a family project. 

Teach your kids some life skills along the way.

We replaced two drum rollers in this project and it cost less than $50.00.

We bought our replacement drum rollers at Encompass.

Thanks for stopping by!